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Die Keynote der Tagung 2012: Neal Stimler, New York

Keynote: Neal Stimler (exclusive for the "aufbruch. museen und web 2.0" (by video) 
The remarks in this keynote address are the personal views of Neal Stimler and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Neal Stimler: “Renewing American Democracy
Through Museums & Digital Culture.”
From Ignite Smithsonian, April 11, 2011
at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
Photograph by Michael Edson (Flickr)
After reading Tom Standage’s article, “How Luther went viral” from the December 17, 2011 edition of The Economist, Neal Stimler was inspired to consider how social media can be used to reform museums. In the keynote address, Neal examines how museum workers can share responsibility with the public for the core operations of museums. Digital humanities centers are at the heart of this paradigm change, acting as the instruments that integrate a social media experience into technological and cultural fabric of museums. In an ever interconnected world, it is critical that museums sincerely engage the public to share information, inspire expression, create knowledge collaboratively and encourage dialogue. By participating with the public through social media, museums recognize that their essential social function is to foster compassion.

Neal Stimler New York
Neal Stimler is in the Digital Media Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neal was a Media and Technology Committee Fellow at the 2009 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, and his article titled, “‘Ferry Me O'er’: Musing on the Future of Museum Culture” was published in the July 2010 issue of Curator Journal. He gave a paper, "Fostering A Democratic Museum Culture," at the 2010 Museum Computer Network Conference in Austin, Texas and participated in the first Ignite Smithsonian Conference in April 2011 with his lecture, "Renewing American Democracy Through Museums and Digital Culture." Neal organized the first crowdsourced YouTube panel, "Philosophical Leadership Needed for The Future: Digital Humanities Scholars in Museums," for the 2011 Museum Computer Network Conference. Neal graduated with honors and was a Provost Award recipient from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Neal takes an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic scholarship that is informed by art history, cultural studies, digital technology and sociology.

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  1. Neal Stimler wird während der Tagung auch via Twitter (!/nealstimler) und über einen eigenen Hashtag für Fragen zur Verfügung stehen: #NHSmukomuc.